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What Is A Tongue Tie?

Tongue tie (ankyloglossia) is a condition that occurs when the frenulum, a small piece of tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth, is too tight or short. This can restrict the movement of the tongue and cause difficulty with breastfeeding, as well as other problems such as speech difficulties, dental issues, and airway issues. Lip tie, on the other hand, occurs when the frenulum that connects the upper lip to the gums is too tight or short. This can cause similar problems as tongue tie, including difficulty breastfeeding and speech difficulties.

Tongue tie and lip tie are usually diagnosed by a healthcare provider or lactation consultant during a physical examination. They may observe the infant’s ability to latch on to the breast and the movement of their tongue and lips during breastfeeding. They may also ask about any other symptoms the infant or parent is experiencing.

Treatment for a tongue tie and lip tie usually involves a simple procedure to release the frenulum. This can be done with a laser, and the procedure takes just a few minutes. After the procedure, the infant may need to be reevaluated by a healthcare provider or lactation consultant to ensure that they are able to latch on and breastfeed effectively. In some cases, additional treatment or support may be needed to help the infant and parent establish a successful breastfeeding relationship.


What Should I Expect During The Consultation Appointment?

During our consultation, Dr. My will assess your baby’s tongue tie and/or lip tie.

Dr. My will ask about any symptoms your baby is experiencing, including difficulty breastfeeding, prolonged or frequent feeding, poor weight gain, Colic and/or reflux symptoms, difficulty holding a pacifier.

Dr. My will also assess your breastfeeding experience, including any pain or discomfort, and may ask about any symptoms you are experiencing, such as creased or discolored nipples, flattened nipples, cracked or bleeding nipples, painful latch, incomplete drainage, plugged ducts, mastitis, or nipple thrush.

If tongue tie or lip tie is diagnosed, we will generally recommend a same-day simple procedure to release the frenulum to alleviate any problems with breastfeeding or other issues caused by the restricted movement of the tongue or lips. The procedure is typically easier and faster to perform on younger infants, and the recovery time is shorter.

The procedure to release tongue tie or lip tie begins with topical anesthetic to numb the area before the procedure. We use a CO2 laser to release the frenulum which provides the least amount of pain and bleeding. The infant is swaddled prior to the procedure to help keep them calm and keep them still. The procedure usually takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Dr. My, her surgical assistants, and your baby will wear protective glasses and coverings due to the use of lasers.

After the procedure, your baby will be brought back to the parent immediately. We recommend to breastfeed right away to help calm the infant down and stretch the tongue or lip. In some cases, it may take a few tries to get the infant to latch on and breastfeed effectively, particularly if they are older than a few weeks and have developed a feeding habit with a bottle.

It is important to follow up with a lactation consultant or healthcare provider to ensure your baby is able to latch on and breastfeed effectively and address any other issues or concerns. Additional treatment or support may be needed to help establish a successful breastfeeding relationship.

A one-week follow-up with Dr. My is required, and additional ones will be recommended on a case by case basis.


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