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What’s The Deal With Ozone?

Blog • Feb 11, 2023


Did you know ozone has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties? It’s also a natural occurring gas!

In the post- COVID era, we all know disinfection is key. How is this useful in our pediatric dental setting?

Prior to any dental treatment, we ask patients to swish and swallow ozonated water to cleanse the mouth prior to dental treatment. Imagine working on a painting with dust around, let’s sweep the area before we start!

We love using Ozone as a an extra step after removing decay and prior to placing the permanent restoration. We find this ensures the bad bacteria that has microscopically reached the inner part of the tooth, will be mostly removed by our ozone therapy treatment.

For our older kids with gum issues, i.e. bleeding gums, we will provide ozone treatment after their dental cleaning. This will help remove any excess development of the ‘bad bacteria’.

With our ever improving battle against dental decay, we believe Ozone is one more tool we can use to ensure a better outcome of restoring carious lesions.



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