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Why General Anesthesia Or IV Sedation Maybe A Good Option For Completing My Child’s Treatment?

Blog • Feb 10, 2023


I am a pediatric dentist and I remember being 11 years old with stubborn baby teeth that just wouldn’t fall out. My mom scheduled the appointment to remove them. I avoided it long enough, “We had to get them remove” she said. The memory is imprinted in my mind as it was a loud, emotional experience, and I was the loud and emotional one. But hey, I had to get it done.

I remember being nervous going to my dentist after that visit and it took years to overcome the anxiety. As you’re probably are wondering, how did she become an dentist with that type of experience?

It is that experience that got me interested in the profession, and meeting amazing dentist along the way made me realize: There are better ways to approach what we do!

One way is General anesthesia. Every child and treatment is different, and every parent’s comfort level vary, but for a young child with large treatment needs, general anesthesia maybe a great option.

Our goal as pediatric dentist, is to not only provide the best oral health for your child, but to create a positive experience in our dental setting. Many children experience situational anxiety, and when treatment needs require multiple visits sometimes doing all the treatment at once can prevent long term or permanent dental anxiety, as I had after my extraction visit.

Other treatment modalities may work too, but each child is different and speak to a professional about your child’s needs.

Please visit Blossom pediatric dentistry or your local pediatric dentist for more information. A complete exam is necessary to develop a specific treatment plan for your child.

Happy Flossing, Brushing!



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